We specialize in cloud environment security.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in helping large companies and their third parties not only identify but also implement cloud security in an agile, scalable and automated fashion.


Trust and security in cloud environments.

Cloud Computing with superior security at a fraction of the cost.

Trust and security in cloud environments-min


Visibility of vulnerabilities, risks, and incorrect configurations.


Action model in Cloud Security (architecture, policies, roles, among others).

Detection & response

Logs, content and detection runbooks, incident response and recovery.


Automation and security integration in the development pipeline.


Knowledge transfer and Cloud Security awareness.

Threat Hunting

Practices and simulations to validate detection and response capability

Our team of security and cloud computing experts will help your technology and security teams define the right strategy for adopting cloud technologies. We will also help identify best practices, implement security automation, avoid common mistakes, and get the most out of your cloud investments.


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