supply chain cyber risk management

A SaaS platform that brings companies and their supply chains together, continuously monitors relationships with suppliers, and simplifies cyber risk management decision making.

Integrates with existing security tools

Continuously monitors the ecosystem to minimize risks

Visibility into cloud environment security posture and external attack surface

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Companies and suppliers collaborating for a safer and more efficient ecosystem.

Promoting cloud security is challenging and directly impacts the success of everyone involved. Count on Zanshin to build trust between your organization  and the technology suppliers in your supply chain.

Simple to use and integrate

SaaS solution integrates with your infrastructure and generates results in minutes.

Enhanced security

Advanced security controls and minimal data collection ensure your organization’s protection.

Reliability and accuracy

Regular scans return accurate, reliable test results reporting any security issues discovered in monitored environments.

Privacy and compliance

A solution in compliance with relevant regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS and others).


Integrate with SIEM, GRC, or ticketing systems using our API or SDK.

More performance for your supply chain.

With Zanshin, it’s not just your organization that benefits. Everyone involved has an opportunity to improve security, increasing the value of their products.

Count on our customer success team to optimize and support your cyber risk management supply chain initiative!

Map and suggest improvements to third-party risk management processes.

Address security, operational and business risks.

Support third-party on-boarding and assessment efforts.


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