supply chain cyber risk management

Supply Chain Information Security Management At Scale.

Meet Zanshin: The SaaS platform that connects companies with their supply chains, promotes transparency, and manages cybersecurity and privacy risks.

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Zanshin - A single platform where large companies, partners, channels, and suppliers can work together.

Identify and mitigate risks through automated and continuous scanning.

For large companies

  • Deep visibility into third-party cloud security posture and external attack surface

  • Continuous analysis to speed up risk assessment and mitigation

  • Automated analysis. No need for manual information collection

  • Easily scales to thousands of third parties

  • Integrate with existing processes and tools

  • Specialized support for first or third-party teams in prioritizing and addressing identified issues

For third parties

  • Identify internal and external security and privacy risks

  • Demonstrate compliance to customers and partners without additional effort

  • Perform non-intrusive testing that doesn’t impact availability or expose sensitive data or intellectual property

  • Increase visibility while maintaining full control over who can access results

  • User interface and specialized support available in both Portuguese and English

For ecosystems

  • Introduces transparency and eliminates information asymmetry between companies in the same supply chain

  • Enables large companies to identify and prioritize suppliers and partners with the best security practices

  • Reduce cost and time proving compliance with security and privacy requirements

  • Reduce systemic risk, losses from security incidents, and regulatory fines

Existing Solutions Are Not Sufficient!

Third-party risk management is complex and labor intensive. Existing solutions don’t scale, have limited visibility of cloud environments and are not accessible across the entire ecosystem.

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